rBeatz Plus News: Disclosure Discloses A Residency

Fans love it when their favorite Mix Masters and performers take flights into their city.  But become a little discouraged when a new tour doesn’t formulate.  I mean it’s 2017 the stars should endlessly be aligning right?  Not true.  Disclosure still has plans to take the year off.  They simply need to rest.  But that doesn’t mean a few live performances won’t show up on the tour bus list.  Something like a summer residency at Ibiza’s DC-10.  Four dates with Wild Life Fridays July 21, July 28, Aug. 4, and Aug. 11. It’s an extension of Disclosure’s successful Wild Life party series. Should guests be a part of the equation, no such announcements have been made.

Tickets are on sale Wednesday, March 22.

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