rBeatz Plus News: Vinyl Art

Spinning music.  I’ve always called it the total connection.  A private ride on the Magical Mystery Tour.  If more people spent time in the DJ booth they’d grasp the master mixer’s entire experience beyond sound.  It’s not always what you hear.  But what you see.  I’ve always been addicted to the multiple speeds a turntable is willing to give up.  That machine has teased my imagination the entire way.  From what’s been pressed into that black vinyl to what you can do above it.  Drew Tetz has the keys to what you see.

Enjoy the ride.  website

Phenakistoscope Animated Business Cards by Drew Tetz

Drew Tetz creates business cards that can be played on a turntable and instantly become mini animated films. https://goo.gl/w6yO0z

Posted by My Modern Met on Friday, March 10, 2017

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