Robert Robert – Coolest Place in the Universe


Oh, Canada how you’ve done it once again, shelling out young intelligent talent for our musically all -embracing loving ears. Robert Robert, the “very cool and hip” electronic artist has a hot new single from his latest EP Welcome to Finetown. Coolest Place in the Universe is a perfectly crafted instrumental tune that can be placed in any urban focused Hollywood soundtrack. Wind and horn elements along with a steady kick, snare and high hat soak up the electronic tidbit. A catchy locking melody that sounds just plain cool triggers your mind to picture what the coolest place in the universe could look like. March along as Coolest Place in the Universe animates and diversifies your music library.

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec the cool kid of liquid has been dispensing work with creativity, originality, and charm. The release of his first EP Pastel in 2014 and second, Not Self-Titled in 2015 has kept his fans happy and entertained and Robert in a fluid and circulating creative state. “Welcome to Finetown” is the third EP released this year. Misunderstood ft Anna Majidson was the first single and generated a buzz that caught your attention to what Welcome to Finetown was and how to get there!

Released on Nowadays Records Coolest Place in the Universe is that song that can come up on any electronic fans new recommended music playlists. There’s a reason why it comes up as the leading song on the album. Its patrolling production and innovation have a preeminent sound that’s fresh and unique. The experimental EDM producer has been traveling throughout QC hitting venues bringing his dewy computerized sounds. Je t’aime et merci Montreal for producing another artistic and progressive artist.

Check out Coolest Place in the Universe and the rest of Welcome to Finetown below!


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