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robotaki limbo

Robotaki came out with a new song called Limbo today, and it features vocals from SHOR. Ooof! When the vocals hit on this one, I melt. Then when the drop comes, I spontaneously combusted. The unique bass sound on the chorus makes me feel like I’m getting clenched. It’s a sound I haven’t encountered in a drop like that, giving me that never before heard moment I always listen for. This was a next level production from Robotaki in my ears, and I’ve heard he’s got plenty more in store where that came from for 2018.

This song is perfect for a rainy Friday, driving around town, deep sea fishing, pretending your in a music video, partying, pregaming, chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of the school.

Limbo is the second single from Robotaki’s forthcoming Science EP, set to come out March 30th on Majestic Casual Recordings.
Robotaki sent a quote along with the song…
“Limbo is a track I’ve been opening my sets with for the past couple shows. I made it during a strange time in my life when I was floating between several binaries relating to my career, relationship at the time, and self-esteem. It’s a frustrating time but also a sadly beautiful one that I hope a lot of people can relate to. This theme shaded many decisions that went into this release, like the repetitive motif that basically plays all throughout but reoccurs in very different ways. Limbo is both my hardest and most vulnerable track to date.”
Preston Chin aka Robotaki is a Toronto native who came into the spotlight after his debut single, Ghostboy, hit global viral #1 on Spotify, #4 on Billboard Dance and #6 on Spotify U.S.
I had the chance to interview Robotaki with Manila Killa back on their I Want You Tour.

Click HERE to check out Robotaki’s interview with rBeatzRadio


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