Robotaki – Science EP

robotaki Science EP

Preston Chin aka Robotaki dropped his Science EP, and it’s so versatile. In the last two years, Preston went from earning his Master’s Degree at McGill to touring with Porter Robinson and Madeon. He’s now selling out his debut headlining tour. His new EP is a representation of funk and disco that’s new in time and technology. This is what he has to say about the project…

“This new EP is a big personal step for me for many reasons. The tracks in this EP were made over the course of almost 2 years during drastically different times of my life. When I was working on the first track, I didn’t even have the concept of an EP in my mind yet, I was still in graduate school doing genetics, was in a relationship, living in a different city. Since then, my life went through a lot of change: I made the decision to pursue music over academia after having studied sciences for basically all my life, I went through a tough long distance relationship after feeling in love, I moved from Montreal to Toronto. I’m quite an anxious person (seriously, I pace a LOT) so the only way I could mentally deal with these kinds of events was to make music. This EP, therefore, is essentially a cathartic release for me. “Science” is out now, everywhere around the world and it feels crazy.” 

Listen to Robotaki’s Science EP below, and below THAT read what I think about it below if you FEEL like it.

Trial (Intro) – This already gives me the impression of an old-school, hip-hop, disco vibe. The production is smooth, and I have a desire to hear Chance or Anderson Paak on this. It ends, giving us a beautiful piano melody for time to breath and relax.

Butterscotch (feat. Jamie Fine x falcxne) –  Click HERE if you actually find my opinion interesting over getting this part over with and listening to the dam EP.

Together We’re Screwed Feat. Nevve – This is what I want pop to be, but it’s not. There’s a lot of complex sub-bass and an orchestra of electric sounds really working well around each other. HARMONY!

Limbo Feat. SHOR – Click here for more of my opinions.

Restless – A quite unique broken beat that sounds fairly restless, for lack of a better term. Restless in a glitchy way. The drop comes in and it’s super bright and celebratory. Gave me a Louis The Child future bass vibe, and we’re already towards the end of the EP.

Satisfied Feat. City Fidelia – I love this because the vocals sounds more in the background than most rap songs. From what I could tell, there was a different sound to each song. This made it really easy listen through for someone who likes to change it up constantly.

I had the opportunity to interview the artist last year on his I Want You Tour with Manila Killa, so…

Click HERE for rBeatzRadio’s Robotaki Interview

Don’t worry, I made that link open a new window, so the music still plays. The reason why you’re here in the first place: Robotaki’s Science EP is really good music.

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