Room Six Eleven – Big Bad Wolf

room six eleven

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I know I’ve been a little quiet recently (life got in the way, as it tends to do), but I’m super stoked to ring in the first week of April with this funky song / video combo. Room Six Eleven is a new project based out of Greece; last week, they dropped a new track, Big Bad Wolf, and a sexyyy video to accompany it. All I can say after watching the video is that everyone else needs to as well. Seriously, this song makes me want to get out my five inch thigh high boots and start dancing on a table. I hope it evokes the same response in everyone else.

Side note that seems somewhat relevant: The last song to bring that side out in me (don’t laugh) was The Maine’s Heroine, circa 2011… when I hadn’t actually danced on a table before and don’t think I would have if given the opportunity. Now, and especially with Big Bad Wolf, I will take the first (ok, maybe second) chance I get to jump up on a table and boogie.

In the video, the artists remain behind a foggy window, showing us only their silhouettes and hands pressed up against the glass. There are colored lights, graffiti, fireworks and strobe light features. I don’t really know what’s happening, but I want to get in on some of the action. The visuals match the song perfectly. Sultry vocals and a song full of surprises sync up with the spontaneous nature of the video. You really should be watching it instead of reading this, but hopefully you’re doing both.

There’s something old school about the collaboration: slithers of funk and nu disco work their way around more modern sounding pop and hip hop. The rap verse comes as a pleasant surprise. This is what makes this song stand out. The female-male back and forth is enticing. Big Bad Wolf would have been a jam had it remained purely a sexy pop song. But it stands on its own two feet and introduces the dynamic of a conversation or relationship to the song by including the rap feature.

We don’t know a lot about Room Six Eleven just yet – and that’s definitely part of the appeal. What we do know is that nine artists (!!!) came together from Greece, the USA, and Israel, to create Big Bad Wolf. Given that international collaborations are quite common as is, I’ve never come across a musical project quite like Room Six Eleven before. I have SO many questions: who are the artists in Big Bad Wolf? Are these the only artists partaking in the Room Six Eleven music project? How did they find each other? Is everything on the EP going to sound like this? Room Six Eleven seems to be paving the way for other large, international music projects and collaborations to evolve. I’m hoping that as music and technology grow together we’ll start seeing more and more music projects like this. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Considering how little we know, I’m hoping that their recent EP release will give us some answers (check it out here!!) In the meantime, I’m more than content with my imaginary table dancing and Big Bad Wolf inspiring some future dance moves.



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