The Roswell Universe – Dawn A New Day ft. AZUL

The Roswell Universe

Stumbled across this new band out of the LA area, The Roswell Universe. They released their debut single, Dawn A New Day, off their upcoming EP set to drop in mid March. The single features smokey vocals from AZUL; however, the vocals are only a snippet of the entire story. What drew me to this song was it’s cinematic narrative, culminating in around 4 minutes of celestial buildup. The piano acts as the lead for a fair amount of the track, adding a high-end melody that feels like rain. Dawn A New Day contains elements of jazz, electronic, soul, hip-hop, and R&B.

There are almost two parts to this song. The first is an ambiance of experimentation and jamming around while the underlying synths get louder and louder. This part jumps into a hybrid hip-hop and R&B chorus that make me nostalgic while still sounding modern.

The second part sounds more intentional. They’ve gone through the experimental phase and come in with a more well rounded jazz buildup. This section beautifully builds and builds into nothingness. Bravo!

The Roswell Universe is Ben Salk (keys, synths, production), Matt Emonson (bass, production), Caleb Shields (drums), Hugh Salk (percussion arrangement), Haisem Khalfani (saxophone), Oliver Taylor (trumpet), and Liam Kevany (guitar).


This song is perfect for comprehensive listening, your college thesis, watching Interstellar in silence, leaning about yourself, deep sea scuba diving, your trapeze act, spike ball, calming yourself before stressful, chillin hard, drinking wine on a Friday night, tetris, beach volleyball, regular beach, staring off into the distance, and any Instagram video of you in a jungle with all your friends.

Listen to the Down A New Day by The Roswell Universe featuring AZUL below.

Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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