s. lyre – not my type

s. lyre not my type

s. lyre‘s not my type is an uplifting trap arrangement with smokey, pop vocals and happy samples. Sam Duffy aka s. lyre graduated last year from Falmouth University with a BA in Creative Music Technology.  He also freelances by making sample packs for Freaky Loops/Famous Audio. Click HERE to check out some of his sample packs. I found this avenue of revenue so interesting after listening to THIS PODCAST featuring DJ Illmind.

What I loved about not my type was the unique uplifting melodies added to a trap beat. Typically trap is done in minor chords, creating a sad ambiance. This song has a much more happy vibe. The percussion elements are super bright in this arrangement, giving me a cartoon/anime/video game vibe. I couldn’t help but smile when I was listening.

There are elements of jazz in the syntax. The vocals and bright, percussive elements really dance well together. The song almost sounds improvised because new sound elements are added at each stage. There’s water sounds, someone walking in a house, a hair trimmer, sweeping, and tinkering sounds. I can hear why he sells sample packs.

The bass line also brings the FUNK, adding to the song’s versatility. Super impressed with the arrangement of samples in this one! Bravo, s. lyre!

s. lyre also recently released this R&B gem off Night Owl Collective. An easter egg!

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