Sabrina Claudio – Belong To You


Miami singer/songwriter Sabrina Claudio stimulates the R&B senses with her sexy seducing track, Belong to you. A love song, written to herself, Sabrina instructs how to serenade the most important one to love, you. Co-Produced by electronic R&B gem, STINT,  Belong to you grabs hold of you gently and passionately, loving you as you passionately love it. The same words leave Sabrina’s lips with such an allurement only this tantalizing singer can remit. Now based in LA, Sabrina’s life has changed and growth has commenced personally and artistically for the young soul singer. After success earlier this year with the EP Confidently Lost, Sabrina hasn’t pushed the brakes and it’s a good thing especially when tracks like Belong to you are whats in store. More music, more exposure, more Sabrina and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Born to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, Salsa and Meringue were prevalent growing up for Sabrina, but soul music is where she blossoms, she just has it in her. Imagine if Janet Jackson, Jhene’ Aiko, and Dua Lipa put together a young soldier for their vocal team, that’s Sabrina Claudio. Joining 6Lack on the FREE6LACK Tour, Sabrina is bringing her unraveling vocals across the United States. It’s not just about the sound but it’s about the picture too with Sabrina. Her visuals in her music videos are an extension of her message from her music. She makes it a priority to collaborate with directors to achieve the exact image to strengthen and support the idea behind the music. Art building art is a magical and inspiring effect that can result in the creation of more and more good material. The future of R&B looks very bright certainly when a young talent like this emerges and lands it in the basket. More than silver, more than gold and more than platinum your musical devotion belongs to Belong to you. So lose your way confidently as you get caught up in the rapture of Sabrina Claudio.

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