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San Holo’s label, bitbird, is putting out some pretty forward-thinking music. I’ve got three songs off the label I want to show off.

San Holo’s on vocals for Right Here, Right Now with Taska Black co-producing. It’s a light, electro-pop song with a strong guitar presence. When I use the word strong, I don’t mean heavy, I simply mean it’s a main player in the song. The entire song has a campfire vibe due to the acoustic guitar. Then a casual electric guitar strolls in for the hook. Nothing overbearing, just an electronic ode to guitars. Taska Black lays alongside the ambiance with those emotional vocals.

Listen to Right Here, Right Now by San Holo featuring Taska Black below.

The second recent single from the bitbird label is Many Words by the dutch duo, DROELOE. The entire song has a pop arrangement, but with more of a fluttering sensation, like you’re floating above the song. Bird-pop? It’s a nice, sparkly addition the the apply named bitbird collective.

The last song I want to showcase has been a favorite of mine: Marcoiz. The Brazilian producer simply makes the most beautiful electronic arrangements. I’d throw them under the category of classical electronic music. CEM – is that a thing yet? Let the anticipation fill you up on this one, and wait for that pivotal Marcoiz moment.

Marcoiz has a quote about what he was feeling when writing the song…

“I wrote this piece sonically explaining the process of my ex-girlfriend falling in love with someone else and me watching it happen while being with her. This was composed right after I finished working on How to Make Love $tay. I guess I still don’t know how to…”

Chris Stack

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