Since November – Star System

Since November is a Helsinki-based indie-pop band, comprised of Tomi Makila, who earlier played in bands like The Crash, Magenta Skycode, Montevideo, and Beacon St. Radiants and Jukka Pekka Elander, who provides drums and rhythms programming.

Makila has long been working on a space theme for quite some time, attempting to piece the puzzle together in order to make his vision come to life.  Now, with the help of Elander, Makila’s work is finally being fleshed out.

The first single is called “Star System.”  The premise is about the inability to reach and perceive one another.

Star System” is encased in keyed up layers of piano melodies with whispery vocals.  The husky singing has notes of reverberation in it and mixed in with the soaring synths this gives off a bit of retro quality to the electronic beats.  The music video has great vibrant imagery.  An ode to the old functionalist style of Helsinki architecture, starring rising young model, Vera Ignatius, the video follows Ignatius and Makila apparently within arms’ reach but unable to communicate with each other.

The music video shows the face of Helsinki architecture in an iconic fashion.  The vibrant beat matches the fashionable images.  Lush strings and great interlaying work of piano keys accompany the dramatic sound.  A strum of electronic beats also participants in supporting the piano melody.  Blended in with the Makila’s auto-tuned vocals later on, this paves the way for a pretty dynamic sound amplified with a classical feel.

The style and beautiful shots of architecture are pure poetry.  The detail of space, here, as a metaphor and as a symbol is done fantastically.  Also, peppered in with the titillating keys and a catchy electronic beat, this will be Makila’s first attempt on the themes of space.  Makila and Elander will be working on a series for the thematic of space.  The next single and a music video for it (directed by Paola Suhonen/Ivana Helsinki) is already on the way.  Be sure to look out for new material from Since November!


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