Sinner’s Heist – Antidote ft. Heather Sommer and Rory Alexzander

Sinner's Heist

Picture it: you’re sitting on the metro in the morning, moving right along, when all of a sudden it stops. You find yourself stranded between stops on the tracks which also happen to be above-ground and casually 500 feet in the air. This is certainly not a great start to your morning.

Enter Antidote by Sinner’s Heist. Mild angst slithers through the song; perfect for that doomsday feeling you have when you’re, you know, stuck in the air in a questionably safe metro car. Don’t worry, though, the train starts moving within five minutes. Rather than this song being your end-of-the-world anthem, let it be the victory that gives you the extra oomph to take on your day.

(For those of you reading from Washington, D.C., I am referring to the tracks between the NOMA and Rhode Island Ave metro stops on the red line. And if you are wondering, yes, this was a real-life experience).

Heather Sommer and Rory Alexzander’s feature on vocals is the Antidote to all your woes (lol, get it?), and is the perfect balance to soften the sharp beat and build that first introduces itself at 0:53 and reemerges at 1:22. This banging electronic interlude is heavy, but also carries something gentle in the string-sounding instrumentals that are introduced here. This balancing act between vocals and instrumentals is tricky to maneuver with one vocalist, let alone two. Sinner’s Heist not only introduces each vocalist with beats that compliment and amplify both the unique sound and lyrics. The lyrics use fantastical words and some wild imagery to bring to life  relationship dynamics that I’m sure we can all relate to.

This is one of the newest original releases from the LA/Chicago based duo, who have also released remixes of songs by Jaden Smith, Cardi B, and Linkin Park, to name a few. You can listen to their rest of their catalog on Soundcloud by clicking here.

TGIF, friends!


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