Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever

skrillex poo bear

Another popular song on rBeatzRadio is Skrillex and Poo Bear’s new collaboration, Would You Ever. Skrillex and Poo Bear join to tailor-make a freeing and open summer love anthem. Emotionally peeled and melodically infectious, Would You Ever contains the lyrical leaning along with big festival sounds to give you that one complete hot hit you’ve been craving for. Divers of the electronic dance pool will fall like a pedal into the pit of electronic marveling with this right on the nose EDM score. With an air of living life fully and freely, Skrillex and Poo Bear muster up an on repeat type of beat. Hop on your bike, hop in your car, or hop on your long board! It’s just strongly suggested that you play this song while you’re at it.

Poo Bear, the American record producer has put his skillful urban electronic stank on it, all the while Skrillex drills his wobble and vocal cutting that edges out this vibrating goodie. Some fans feel the need to complain (when that gets you nowhere) and say “I miss the old Skrillex,” but everyone should know by now art changes and so do the artists making them. As long as an artist is being honest, whats wrong with a “change” it’s their right to transform or alter. When concerning this song, in particular, the opinion of change is subjective, but in all honesty, when discussing music, it’s always a subjective opinion.  It is normal and beneficial when an artist experiments. Growth and knowledge should never pause and kids need to take a lesson in that. Learning who you are is a process that is always modifying and the same goes for art and creativity. Would You Ever is a fun and catchy chill time that makes you want to have fun and get out there! So let go of your hang-ups quiet your ego and enjoy this fresh electronic flower.

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