Slow Shudder – Tired of Pretending

Slow Shudder tired of pretending

Slow Shudder released her first single of 2018. It’s called Tired of Pretending and it was released off Melting of Age: SYNTHESIS Volume 1. The single is lofi bedroom pop, front-lining Slow Shudder’s unique, smokey vocals. Aside from the tone of her voice, her lyrics are also super deep. They speak about such a truth within the bedroom producer community: that moment when your meet an internet friend IRL (In Real Life – get with the lingo people) and get a glimpse into who they really are. Individuals can craft themselves into an online persona. It’s hard to judge a personality online.

I’m a believer of authenticity, so the more “yourself” you are online, the more that will translate into real life success if you’re trying to build a brand. It’s always easier to assess character when you meet someone IRL rather than trying to decipher a personality online. For example, have you ever misread someone’s tone via text message? I’ve done it. I’ve done it even with some of my best friends who I’ve known for years. Being able to convey personality through writing is why many writers get PAID; it’s not easy.

As someone obsessed with learning about the REAL person, this song speaks to me immensely. This includes someone’s highs and their lows. What they like and what they don’t like. And Why? Learning about where people are from and the reasons they believe what they believe and why is immensely interesting to me. I think this can only be done IRL.

One of my favorite lines is, “Let down my guard, speak the truth. We can make our own infinity within my bedroom.” As an introvert, I’ve created my entire (fun zone) within my bedroom. I have my music production toys, Netflix, books, video games, and everything I need to have fun and be my true-self. I like inviting people over to show them my true self in the hopes they reveal theirs as well.

Slow Shudder reveals her true self in this production, hoping that others can do the same.

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