Small Leaks Sink Ships Debut Antipode

Small Leaks Sink Ships Debut Antipode 2

It has taken Small Leaks Sink Ships the better part of a decade to get back to where they were before pianist Ryan Garner’s life-altering motorcycle accident and lead singer Judd Hancock’s nearly fatal bout with testicular cancer. But after all the trials and tribulations the Portland-based four-piece stands on the precipice of musical immortality as they prepare to release their forthcoming masterpiece full-length Golden Calf.

With the new L.P. looking at a late summer release date on the group’s new label, Lefse Records, they decided to go ahead and drop an appetizer on June 2 for their intimate, but ravenous, fan base in the form of the 7” Antipode. The two song record is the first physical release by the group since Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals in February 2015 and their first new music since working with rapper Futuristic on the one-off single “Love A Poem.

Both songs on the vinyl will be appearing on the upcoming full length and the A side “Dancing Devil” is a declaration by the band that they are heading in a different direction musically than they ever have before. The song comes off as austere on first listen compared to some of Small Leaks earlier work mostly because unlike many of their previous songs it lacks a cataclysmic breakdown.

Side B, “Cross Chatter”, has a lot more of the old-style small leaks sound with a huge crescendo on the drum kit of singer and percussionist London Van Rooy early in the track. But even with group’s signature heavy breakdowns, the song is still far more concise than anything the group has released in the past and send the same signals as “Dancing Devil” that Small Leaks has a new sound.

Small Leaks Sink Ships are currently gearing up for a mid to late August East Coast run including shows in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Boston, and Philadelphia among other cities.

Small Leaks Sink Ships Debut Antipode

Photo by Ben Garcia

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