Snails and Slugs to Infest the Main Stage at Electric Zoo

Snails ezoo

Dubstep will be a big genre at play at Electric Zoo in New York City this year, and SNAILS set will be a top contender. His new song with KSHMR on rBeatzRadio is, The Serpent.

Dubstep is a great brand partner for New York City because they both have pride behind their griminess. Heavy metal and dubstep have similar roots, evolving from an underground grunge scene in the United Kingdom. They style of high energy head banging and “dance like there’s no tomorrow” culture carry similar rhythms and basic principals. Dubstep is more of a focus on the sub-bass, whereas, metal puts a lot of weight on the guitar. A lot of dubstep sounds even sound metallic, as producers looks towards industrial sounding percussive elements to add to its hard hitting nature. Both genres carry dynamic/energetic percussion elements.

The poster-child for Dubstep in America, Skrillex, started off in a post-Hardcore band, From First to Last, eventually switching to a solo career and reinventing his old sound to fit the American electronic commercialization scene.

One of the heavier hitters today is Canadian DJ/Producer, Frédérik Durand, aka SNAILSwho takes the dubstep genre to the next level by calling it “vomitstep.” This element of grime and debauchery resonates with a vast majority of listeners who vibe with this level of extreme excitement. SNAILS takes his productions to the next level of filth, actually creating an ambiance of slime and ooze with the majority of his songs. In this day and age, I haven’t seen fans go more wild at any other set. SNAILS set at Ezoo will be wild, and I’ll be there to report back on its absurdity.

SNAILS will be throwing his own festival, Sluggtopia, at Redrocks in October. His new song with KSHMR is The Serpent, a popular hit on rBeatzRadio. Another slimy animal of a song, perfect for SNAILS mucky repertoire.

Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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