Snakehips & Anne-Marie – Either Way ft Joey Bada$$


Snakehips and Anne-Marie have cropped up this sweet little electronic R&B morsel. Lush and delectable, Either Way ft Joey Bada$$ is peppy, free spirited and vibrant.  Joey’s glossy voice and Snakehips icy sting command your attention so you can be wooed and cooed by Anne-Marie and her sweet hickory flavored vocals. Upon an arriving sound, Snakehips hit the nail on the head with prize-winning beats beside an original aura. They are shaping up to be the next Chainsmokers with a hip-hop and R&B badge which doesn’t sound bad at all.

Oliver Lee and James Carter, the Londoners who were a match made in laptop to laptop heaven. They keep producing these top ten worthy hits and we ain’t mad about it. Either Way gives the sense of the confusions found in courtship. The lyrics compel your thoughts to express, “When I’m ready and giving you the signals for the next move you gotta meet me half way and if you ain’t I’m good either way”. Ann-Marie, she’s good on the track. The image of her in the studio killin’ it blankets your mind as “Come on let me know” breathe through her lips. The submission and the honesty she conveys of wanting an answer are strong. But then the power and strength of being happy with whatever the answer is, punch through as well. Today’s young artists are voicing honest feelings and we have to appreciate that.

Anne-Marie sing lyrics that show how the young woman of 2017 own a confidence to step up more than the guys they date. Then you have Joey Bada$$ coming in and expressing one point of view from a male perspective, owning confidence too. The first thing you fall in love with is the catchy melody and cute lyrics over a catchy hook. Then you really pay attention to the topic being discussed and you start to formulate an opinion and really enjoy it more. The 90s R&B loving duo has been choosing all the right talent to join in on their unfolding and subsequent sounds. We just gotta hope they keep doing it. So check out this Snakehips, Anne-Marie, and Joey Bada$$ jam. If you like it you like it if you don’t you don’t, it’s good either way.

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