Sober Rob – Salt

salt music

The electronic take over in popular music is just gearing up and Sober Rob is one talented and hard motherf*%#er who’s in it to win it. His latest single Salt is a crystal clear representation of this young man’s fine-tuned production stylings, that’ll cool you over heated summer. Salt brings that airy and elemental future bass accent that is as magical as it sounds. Pulses and piano chords encompass this innovative power-driven trip as you head down the salted highway of Sober Rob. Growing up in Boston, MA, Rob began playing the viola at the age of eight years old. Unknowingly fueling an electronic engine that he will later be piloting throughout the indie electronic scene, classical training planted the seed to a fern gully of musical makings this musical poet will later on decorate.

If you haven’t seen Rob live yet then it is strongly suggested you do. His melodic, wavy compositions contain a hip-hop grit that’ll have you bouncing and going hard. Already touring the country, Rob still has multiple shows in multiple cities left for you all to scope. So don’t fret, your live experience of Salt could be right around the corner.  Inspiring and impressing his peers and fans, Rob continues to confidently create for the admirers drunk off his sober stroke. Combining classical insight with bass and electronic ingredients supplies one neat and nifty blend only this beaner could produce. Off of Slow Roast Records, Sober Rob is cooking up one appetizing career that is sure to fulfill and satisfy the hoi polloi. His move to Los Angeles has forced Rob to grow, change and evolve as an individual. And as we know, life imitates art and art imitates life. In Rob’s case that growth has affected his music in a positive way that we are all appreciating.


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