The Weird Experiment that is Son Lux does Brooklyn Steel

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Thursday night at Brooklyn Steel was my third time seeing Brooklyn’s own Son Lux and fourth if the time I saw Ian Chang and Rafiq Bhatia back up Heems of Das Racist at Brooklyn Bazaar in August counts. Since the very first time I saw them essentially by accident at Firefly Music Festival in 2014 on the Forest Stage (RIP) I have felt Son Lux creates a strange sonic atmosphere complete with odd time signatures, otherworldly drum fills, and huge atmospheric guitars. They honestly are a strange case. They don’t make pop songs, some of their music is so intricate it almost comes off as incoherent, and their overall sound is all but inaccessible for radio and most listeners. However, for those who are able to break through the veil of Son Lux and really appreciate their music audio bliss is a good way to describe the effects and the band has consistently leveled up their draw every year.

Frontman, founder, keys player, and producer Ryan Lott has a huge, booming, almost operatic at times voice that carries through a venue and fills every crevice. While Chang provides some of the most creative drum fills possibly ever. He’s a brilliant drummer with a keen ear for off the wall rhythms. And Bhatia brings the concerto to life with his roaring guitars that rip through the lulls in the sometimes dreary music.

Their show at Brooklyn Steel had a setlist and they did stop in between songs to banter with the crowd a tad. But honestly, the more than an hour long Son Lux set was more of an interwoven tapestry of sound than it was a selection of old and new Son Lux tunes. As a band, their sound produces quite epic buildups and not just within the song, but within the setlist. Quieter more experimental tunes are built in, in such a way that when Bhatia is finally able to let loose on the guitar or Chang on the drums it’s like a cathartic release for everyone in attendance.

Ryan Lott always brings his best self to his home stage in Brooklyn and when their leader is firing on all cylinders Bhatia and Chang always respond in kind. They put on a tremendous set at Brooklyn Steel as they slide into their summer tour schedule and odds are the shows are only going to get better from here.

Son Lux’s new album is Brighter Wounds. Click HERE to check it out on Spotify.

Photos from Son Lux at Brooklyn Steel

All Photo’s by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography

Ryan Lott of Son Lux performing at Brooklyn Steel

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