Sparrows – Take My Heart Out

Australian songstress Sparrows  is bringing to audiences her latest offering in a haunting electronica single about the addicting layers in a relationship, entitled, “Take My Heart Out.”  

About the inspiration and meaning behind the song, she says:   Seeing so many people getting lost in their devices lately, it got me thinking about a time when I lost my identity to a relationship. I could see myself doing ridiculous and embarrassingly obsessive things but couldn’t stop it, kind of like when you can’t stop your thumb from scrolling, hoping you’re going to land on a pot of gold. As humans, we all have a propensity to get caught up in addictive behaviour – often in an attempt to tame our mindless chatter or fill a void with stuff. Take My Heart Out is about crossing that fine line into addiction.”

Filled to the brim with an indie pop song, the electronic backbeat mixes in with haunting vocals to finish off with a cool folk and pop sound.  The layers of rich vocals and harmonies add into the dynamic sound.  Mid-track there is a staccato mixed beat filled with soaring synths and Sparrows’ sultry vocalizations

“Take My Heart Out” has an engrossing indie sound.  Be sure you have a listen today!


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