Spirix ft. Aviella – Little Doubts

Spirix little doubts

Good morning, everyone! It’s a dark gloomy day here in D.C. and I am off to a sloooowwww start. However, what made my morning a tad easier to maneuver was that I recently changed my morning alarm to this glittery song, Little Doubts, by Spirix ft. Aviella. Thankfully, my alarm only plays the fist 1:15 seconds of this song, which is gentle and sparkly. Post 1:20, this song goes in with a face-slapping drop that is certainly a wake up call if you’re in need of something a bit more aggressive.

Personally, I prefer the gentle nudge by Aviella in the verses leading up to each drop, where she teases us “you’re missing out on what I’m about cuz you’re little doubts / I am free living for me you’re gonna be all your little doubts.” YES GIRL. Now that is the confidence boost I want first thing in the morning to get myself in kick-ass mode. Throughout the rest of the song, Aviella croons lyrics that further discuss unhealthy relationship dynamics that I know we can all relate to, such as “letting you go so my world don’t shake,” and “you gave me no chance for the healing, my mind cannot take all the feeling.” What I will say is that the relationship in question could be a number of different ones; from romantic, purely platonic, and all other undefined spaces in between. While this song is certainly theirs, since you know, they created its (duh), what makes it each of ours is that this song relates to us — it’s each of us walking away from toxic relationships without looking back.

What accompanies this declaration of independence is musical interludes peppered with some electric guitar and perhaps even synthetic keyboard influence. These instrumentals and vocals exude gentle confidence, which is rare and appreciated. Spirix and his production are clean cut like a good close shave on the face (or what I would assume that feels like since I wouldn’t know), and Aviella’s vocals top it like the perfect cherry on top of this delightful musical sundae.

This seems to be the first collaboration between Spirix and Aviella, but I’m certainly hoping it’s not the last. To listen to more of Spirix, click HERE.

For Aviella click HERE.


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