TINA TUESDAYS: Soundgarden – Spoonman (Steve Aoki remix)

Spoonman Steve Aoki

I love nothing more than collaborations and teamwork!

This cool Soundgarden remix by Steve Akoi is an amazing homage to Chris Cornell, a musical genius who sadly passed away last week.

Chris Cornell was the Grunge King who grew cooler with age. A voice so raw and deep in soul, that the listener’s ears were pieced with the pain this man must have have felt.

Who could imagine that pop icon and DJ Steve Akoi would want to pay tribute to a rock singer?

The idea of cross mixing genres of music is obviously not new. The grandfather of this phenomenon is producer Rick Rubin.

I’d love to see what this little idea Steve Akoi created will lead to…?

My heart ❤️ goes out to Chris Cornell’s family.

Miss Tina ❌❌❌

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