Srsly ft. G.L.A.M – Out Here


Last year, G.L.A.M, aka Nacolbie Edward, released her first full length album, AUXygen. This year, she’s back and better than ever on this chill track by srsly, Out Here. The two artists are coming in hot with something super different than what’s currently making the rounds in hip-hop. I’m convinced that the time difference between Austria (srsly bumps beats in Vienna) and California (home base for G.L.A.M is part of the magic. Before we get started, let me emphasize something: women who venture into the hip-hop and specifically rap universe are fearless. Out Here further proves G.L.A.Ms badassery; she sounds flawless over a simple track that allows her to be the main focus of the song.

My favorite part of this song is lyrics. Never mind that G.L.A.M sounds as smooth as butter on toast, this song is the best humble brag I’ve ever heard. G.L.A.M is hustling and has no qualms letting people know; mostly so they don’t get in her way (I definitely wouldn’t want to). Her rhymes are straight fire; a slow steady burning one, not a combustion or blaze. Not to mention she can also hold steady vocals without auto-tune.

Srsly took a back seat on this track; his quiet electronic beat only emphasizes G.L.A.Ms smooth but sharp rhymes. Chill-hop is seriously underrated these days. Not to say there aren’t chill-hop songs out there, but most of what’s currently out there is absorbed in hype-building and getting lit. Out Here is seriously refreshing. G.L.A.M.s rhymes and style pay tribute to those before her, which is dope. Her rhyme scheme, assonance, isn’t the most common way to spin lyrics. Most notably, we hear this style in a lot of Eminem songs. The lyrics below are two of my favorites; both with examples of assonance:

“I was never normal but I warned them, I am outta this world I unicorned up” (the greatest lyric EVER)

“I’m so bright that I can’t be out lit // see I got more than they get from a day-to-day paycheck, mad at a human on a day-to-day basis // so much that I wanna say to their faces”

Our girl G.L.A.M gets a huge shout-out simply for not being basic and making easy rhymes. In addition, Out Here reminds me of Outkast songs that BigBoi took lead on (if anyone remembers, Andre 3000 and BigBoi pretty much made two solo albums into one in Speakerboxxx/The Love Below). G.L.A.Ms jam is like a hybrid of BigBoi and KidCudi with a really sexy feminine twist. Let me tell you; I AM HERE FOR IT.

There’s no inkling as to what is up next for srsly and G.L.A.M; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that each plan on dropping new music soon, especially if they’re working together. Out Here is all about the hustle. I’m keeping the underlying mantra of this song in mind for the next forever: Know your worth, friends, and then add some tax to it.


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