Stick Figure – Easy Runaway

Stick Figure Easy Runaway

HumpDAY is upon us, so I though I’d mix it up with some relaxing, smooth reggae music from Stick Figure. Their new single is called Easy Runaway, and it’s the prefect song to put your mind at ease. Scott Woodruff aka Stick Figure released this mid-tempo electronica inspired track from his forthcoming album. The song is perfect for overcoming life’s simple challenges such as your car breaking down, mistaking the dates to an event, airplane turbulence, album release anxiety, stress at work, a long commute, doing the dishes, cleaning your apartment, waiting for IT to get back to you, resisting temptation, relationship woes, the Sunday Scaries,  an over committed social schedule, or an Instagram post with relatively less likes than you’re used to.

It’s the tempo, melody, and harmony of this track that puts my mind at ease. I feel like I’m getting in a trance to stay relaxed. Stick Figure’s previous album, Set in Stone, hit #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts, so there’s certainly anticipation for this upcoming album.

Stick Figure brings a band while on tour. It features Woodruff, Kevin Bong “KBong” (keyboards), Kevin Offitzer (drums), Johnny Cosmic (percussion/ guitar/ keyboard), and Tommy Suliman (bass). They are currently headlining a winter tour with support from Twiddle and Iya Terra. If you love reggae and jam bands, you should defiantly check Stick Figure out on tour.

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Chris Stack

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