STITCH – Not One To Say

STITCH not one to say

British alt pop trio STITCH have unveiled their newest single, Not One To Say, which is from the band’s debut EP, to be released in early in 2018.

Not One To Say is an adequate follow-up to the band’s debut, Fool, which was released last month.  With more of the trio’s unique sound, a wash of melancholic melodies backed by brass and drum and bass crescendos, the single follows through with an ethereal sound and a soaring appeal.  With an overall buoyant cadence, the combined vocals add in a layered and surreal effect.

The atmospheric sound is filled with lush vocal harmonies and a contagious sound.  The emotive delivery is exquisite and the heart-warming sound transcends around 2:45 seconds, where the music climax with a dramatic drop.

The artist sent a quote along with the song…

“Not One To Say is a nostalgic self-reflection of the past. It deals with feeling lost, spaced out in a dream-like state, and trying to comprehend loss and your part to play in it. The song highlights how the repression of words and emotions, internalising rather than expressing your feelings to others can lead to a different, perhaps less clear path than you expected. It looks back with both a warm embrace of the good times, but also a wistful sense of longing for who you were before life began to change.”

STITCH will release their debut EP early in 2018.


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