Sure Sure – Koreatown

Sure Sure has been creating a lot of buzz lately.  After selling out Los Angeles’ Satellite, the group is back to share their new single “Koreatown.”

The brainchild of Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick, and Michael Coleman, Sure Sure came together to create music that will titillate the senses as well as compress the energetic material of their personal experiences into these dynamic pop songs.

“Koreatown” is layered with upbeat piano playing and a great energy coming from the drums.  The great beats are also dosed with a charged feel from the vocals.  The long-standing catchy vibe and contagious melody definitely gives off an infectious feel to the track.  The great vocal range vies with the uplifting, feel-good vibe.  The piano melody really stands out on this single.  Followed with some great musicianship, this outrageous sound is definitely rock-worthy and an apt outlet for many an oddball moment.

“Koreatown” follows their previous track, “Friends,” which reached the #5 Spot on Hype Machines Popular Charts and over 100k plays on Spotify in just a few short weeks.

Sure Sure has been turning heads, receiving much fanfare from numerous tastemakers including Niche Music, BirpFM, Stereofix, We Close Tonight, and more!


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