SWIMS – 1 Drink

swims 1 drink

SWIMS coming at you with another fire track that’ll breath-stroke its way through streaming playlists. 1 Drink, their second single of the summer is one bass bumpin’ R&B bell-ringer that’s as fuzzy as a bunnies bum. Their alluring and provocative panache never seems to fail, and with 1 Drink, you feel it right in the innards. Sakima’s vaporous vocals snuggle themselves like a bug in a rug against AOBeats’ chichi chiming production. An urban electronic street appeal with a sleek wavy flow, that’ll turn up your house party.

2017 has been good to SWIMS, steady release of singles, growing fan base, and rising number of streams. A love for their craft and the drive to excel at it only coins in positive results. They are doing well because they are generating good music. Representing the UK hard the boys of SWIMS are putting in work. If they keep the momentum they will find themselves someplace they might not have expected so early. Their team up has been a smart move when two different artists find bliss in collaborating it’s our job to encourage them to keep at it. Show our support for work that shouldn’t stop, if it’s working why stop. Guys, it’s working.

You can never have one drink and you can never hear this song just once. That buh buh buh buh buh bumper you nod to while sitting on the edge of your couch sipping your cold one. Cover art of the single by New York by way of Colorado, artist Radimir Koch. His imagery conveys an entanglement of emotions gripping itself in a shadow. Basically showing talent working with talent, working with more talent. Lyrics along the lines of “We were poppin’ like treble, we were on another level”, are exactly how I would describe SWIMS. Artists making moves and moving us while at it. Check out SWIMS’ 1 Drink below!



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