Swims – Am to Dm


Ride on the current of Swims new single “Am to Dm”, a tranquil and serene electronic pop song. AObeats and Sakima the London-based artists have created a perfect pop pairing with their side project, Swims. “Am to Dm” is their latest single and is easily one of my top songs of 2017 already. The silky sensuous vocals of Sakima frosted over the chill elements of AObeats’ top notch electronic production, make a perfect breathe easy track.

Their intention on making music is to “get lost in it”, to combine sounds and lyrical arrangement in a new way that turns experimental writing into an effective method or success. I have had this song on repeat since the day I downloaded it. Sharing it with all my music-loving friends, adding it to party and beach playlists its been added to my library and is staying put. “Am to Dm” “swims” right up my alley in personal music preference. It isn’t this massive sound or gigantic unique beat, it’s an easy as pie melody and production that I always prefer. Proving why the “less is more” approach can be just the ticket. It’s these hidden gems like this in the music industry that are my favorite finds.

Separately, Swims has delivered some awesome original music. AObeats multiple collaborations and features on a number of Various Artists compilations have created a name and sound for the electronic beat constructor. Tracks like “Feelsie” and “Gone” showcase his eclectic fusion of Electro, R&B, Indie and Hip Hop. Sakima’s latest EP “Facsimile” surrounds you in electronic R&B baby making music that I don’t think anyone can be mad at. But the beauty Swims fashion together is all any down-tempo loving music enthusiast would want. So grab the whiskey as these Moving Castle artists take you from “Am to Dm” and we all know it goes down in the DM.



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