System 32 and Mical Teja – M4TD (Man 4 the day) ft Rochelle Chedz and Jay Nahge

Mical Teja & System32

When you mix Caribbean roots with electronic makings, you come up with everyone’s new summer jam, M4TD, System 32‘s latest single with their very own Mical Teja, has all the bits and pieces you want in an island paradise tune. Featured artists, Rochelle Chedz and Jay Nahge, lend their flirtatious vocals on this blissfully written, sizzling track. Tropical feelz, pop aria and a sultry rhythmic tempo dish out this catchy crowd pleaser. If you seek a fun outdoor party song, then lemme be your DJ 4 the day and recommend M4TD for your fourth of July BBQ.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago have grown a shining batch of up and coming artist and producers. System 32 a talented trio with the skills of producing, DJing, mixing. remixing, engineering and singing/songwriting. Collectively, they form one complete conformity that has the promise and potential for chart-topping success. Simon “The System” Sanowar, Kevin “1KBsystem” Beharry, and lead singer of the track Mical Teja Williams all make up the calypso/soca electronic team. Rochelle Chedz. the rapping/singing songwriter adds her feminine “come hither”, while Jay Nahge finalizes the bunch with his cool, easy going flow.

Released on Feel Up Records, M4TD’s infectious rhythm makes you want to take a boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean with your boys, your girls and your speakers bumpin’ System 32. Not just the song, but the team has got what it takes to break local airwaves and reach fans on a global scale. They could take Caribbean Dance Music (CDM) to the states and dominate! “The System” can easily be as recognizable as “Mustard on the Beat” if they keep fostering out these blue-chip productions. A mix of the tropics with electronic dance elements design a winning sound that could conquer the masses. Take a listen to M4TD here!




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