Taska Black – Sandpaper (ft. Ayelle)

Taska Black sandpaper

Congratulations and well done everybody, we made it to another Friday! Unlike last week when I wrote from the safety of my blankets in the freezing cold of Washington D.C., the sun is out, it’s almost 60 degrees, and it was a short week for many of us, so plan your pregame, party it up, and throw Sandpaper (featuring Ayelle) by Taska Black onto your playlist.

Taska Black is a 21 year old, Belgian based DJ and producer who broke onto the electronic scene over the last few year thanks to his unique ability to mesh his classical music background with a melodic and pulsating EDM style. His track, Right Now (2015), caught the attention of San Holo, who signed him to his bitbird imprint and helped launch Taska Black’s now burgeoning career.

Straying slightly from his synth-heavy, “future” sound, Sandpaper has a softer vibe with a simple kick-drum beat that is in interlaced with atmospheric guitar chords and progressions and the intermittent synthy bass drop. This savvy decision by Taska Black allows Ayelle’s infatuating voice to inundate your ear-holes and fill your brain with the poppiness you need to get the weekend started off right, while also staying true his style by stripping the chorus of nothing but the beat. In Taska Black’s own words:

“I think relationships are tough because they force you to work on yourself and grow as a person. “Sandpaper” is a metaphor for that and how we polish a relationship in order to make things work.”

Have a great weekend!


After spending the first 11 years of his life overseas, Logan Meltzer aka Smogs, moved to the DMV in 2001 with nothing but a dream of becoming a professional rapping soccer star who could also dunk and do stand-up comedy. And while 100% of those dreams are still in progress, he gets to live a new one now by writing about music. Having graduated from Haverford College, where he DJ’d for OnCue, RDGRNGLD, 3LAU and others (shout out Philly!), Smogs moved to Washington D.C. to work in communications with non-profit organizations, before selling his soul to a Fortune 500. After escaping the succubus, a good friend and now-mentor encouraged Smogs to try his hand at music writing. And as the ol’ saying goes, the rest is happening now... Ride or die Washington sports (especially the Nationals). The Devil Wears Prada 4 lyfe. What fruit hates marriage? A cantaloupe (can’t-elope)

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