Taska Black – We Would Never Do Ft. Nevve (Acoustic Session)

taska black san holo

Taska Black releases a stripped down version of his single, We Would Never Do, featuring Nevve. This version further highlights Nevve’s serene pop vocals in front of a glittering, acoustic guitar and emphatic drums. Another one of my favorite indie-labels in Han Solo’s bitbird. Taska Black is one of their artists. This week, he released this beautifully done acoustic version of his previous single. Last week, San Holo released a new single, Right Here, Right Now which featured Taska’s vocals on top of some happy-go-lucky electronic/acoustic elements. Click HERE to listen on Spotify.

The week prior to last, Taska Black released Dead Inside featuring Ayelle off bitbird. I’ve posted that one below as well, trying to hammer the point that he’s been on fire recently.

Taska Black is a 21 year old producer from Belgium. He’s able to mesh his classical music background with pulsating electronic melodies and rhythms. He also has a good voice, making him a certain threat in the industry.

Listen to the acoustic version of We Would Never Do by Taska Black featuring Nevve below.


Chris Stack

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