The Beatles Before They Got to America

Without having to say, The Beatles will always hold a stake in music history at a global scale, especially with their impact here in the United States but not many are aware of their humble international beginnings.

The Beatles made the right connection through their first record My Bonnie nearing the end of 1961. Brian Epstein heard about the group through the circuit. During the time The Beatles were touring around smaller venues as the backup group for English performer, Tony Sheridan.

Epstein’s family owned the record store NEMS and he liked their record so much that he ordered some to sell. Seemingly, Epstein became a fan and decided to see them perform for his own eyes. The group performed frequently at a club known as The Cavern. The Beatles presented a feeling of charisma that Liverpool hadn’t seen before.

Epstein officially became their manager after that day and found a way to keep their identity but also establish their professionalism as a touring boy group.

They began to push to create more music and after recording at a few different locations, they landed their home recording station with Parlophone.

With a few roster adjustments, The Beatles recruited and landed drummer Ringo Starr, formerly performing for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. With Ringo on their team, The Beatles went on to perform in front of bigger venues among Great Britain as they began to establish their fan base which later grew into complete fandom.

As 1962 came to a close, the Beatles broke the UK charts with their debut single, Love Me Do, and played at the famous Star Club for the final time.

Just months later In February of 1963, The Beatles appeared on UK television’s Thank Your Lucky Stars to promote their new single, Please Please Me, and were seen by six million viewers. The group was extremely successful in creating a generic sound and it only solidified their stature as a household name overseas.

From this point, The Beatles progressed not only creatively but commercially as well.

She Loves You hit number 1 and marked the early beginnings of Beatlemania. It was at this point that The Beatles became a household name. Later, their single I Want to Hold Your Hand, which had UK advance sales of over one million and entered the charts at number 1.

The Beatles sparked one of the first stardom crazes that the United States has seen with their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. At the time, the show was the highest rated program in television history and it springboarded The Beatles domestic career to which later became one of the most successful careers in entertainment history.

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