The Great Electronic Swindle and The Bloody Beetroots Tour

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn 6

rBeatzRadio would like to thank The Bloody Beetroots and Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York for having me out on the last stop of the My Name Is Thunder Tour, promoting their new album, The Great Electronic Swindle. When I first caught wind the enigma that is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo was releasing an album under The Bloody Beetroots, I was intrigued. The cross-over between heavy metal and electronic music has always been something that has fascinated me, and who better to peak that fascination than The Bloody Beetroots.

The Bloody Beetroots have an interesting history. They are dubbed an Italian electronic music group formed in 2006 by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, marking this year as the 10th anniversary of his project. The Bloody Beetroots released their first single in 2007, just in case you did a double take on my math. Sir Bob was born in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, loving comic books and punk rock, which would keep hold with The Bloody Beetroots brand today. They’ve cycled through band members, duos, and solo shows, all surrounding the talented, multi-instrumentalist frontman, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo. When performing, they wear black masks, reminiscent of Spider-Man, Venom, and Grendel.

The Bloody Beetroots’ music has been featured in various commercials, TV shows and video games. They’ve done dozens of remixes for artists such as Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, The Refused, Peaches, Crossfaithand, Britney Spears, and more. They’ve released two successful albums (about to be a third) Romborama (2009) and Hide (2013), which featured collaborations with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Steve Aoki, Tommy Lee, Dennis Lyxzen of Refused, P-Thugg of Chromeo, Theophilus London, Youth and guitar legend Peter Frampton. The Great Electronic Swindle (2017) also includes some major collaborators including JET, Perry Farrell, Gallows and more.

I first listened to The Great Electronic Swindle while running on the treadmill, and I was blown away by the energy, peaks, and valleys throughout the entire collection. I didn’t even have to take a break while running (which I usually have to do) – that’s how much energy the album gave me. I was of course taken away by the lead single, My Name Is Thunderthat keeps you at a high energy for the first minute and 20 seconds with Sir Bob’s harmonious screaming melting into a serenading psychedelic melody that jumps RIGHT back into that high energy. Some of my other favorites on the album were Wolfpack (feat. Maskarade)Pirates, Punks & Politics (feat. Perry Farrell)Invisible (feat. Greta Svabo Bech)Enter the Void (feat. Eric Nally)Saint Bass City RockersThe Day of the Locust10,000 Prophets, and of course the My Name If Thunder version with Jet. Was that too many favorites? I hardly listen to FULL albums anymore, so the mere fact that I BOUGHT the album off iTunes and have listened to it multiple times should tell you something. I love all kinds of music, and this cross-over fulfills both my electronic and rock alter-egos.

Before heading to the venue to watch The Bloody Beetroots tear it up, I obviously had to listen through The Great Electronic Swindle once again. Here’s me doing so with an impromptu vibe I was feeling at each song. I figured this would give you a more dynamic album review than words on a page.

If ya dug any of that (music wise, not necessarily the dancing), click the link below to purchase the album. I did, and it’s totally worth it if you like rock n roll and electronic music. The album is great for moshing, partying, partying again at 2am, angry showers, pretending you’re a superstar, working out, cooking, long drives, and any video with a black and white Instagram filter.

Click HERE to buy the album on iTunes

Warsaw in Brooklyn is an interesting venue. Great space musically and physically, and the place is run by a Polish family inside the Polish National Home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They are famous for their homemade pierogis, of which I had to try. They were delicious. Although I’m not Polish, I felt weirdly at home from the authentically cooked food in what appeared to be a music venue/bar lounge.

Here’s a picture of the menu for you to get a visual.

warsaw pierogi brooklyn

Since it was the My Name Is Thunder Tourthe group led their set with that single. Inside the photo pit, all photographers were eager to capture Sir Bob’s jump. The energy came out right away, and barley dipped throughout the entire hour an 15 minute set. They played a variety of music from The Great Electronic Swindleand also songs from their past like their Refused – New Noise (The Bloody Beetroots Remix), where Sir Bob did a STANDING CROWD SURF, and Warp 7.7 from their Romborama album (watch both below).

@thebloodybeetrootsofficial crushing Warp 7.7

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There was a LOT of moshing going on. I expected nothing less from the borderline insane energy coming from the band. Click the link below, and it will take you to a video I took of the mosh pit. I was holding half a cup of beer at the time (I drank the other half obviously), and you’ll see the camera jostle and then moving to a guy on the ground. He was pushed into me and the rest of my beer went flying on the people behind me. That’s what I get for trying to enter a mosh pit insinuated by The Bloody Beetroots.

Click HERE to see the Bloody Beetroots Mosh Pit

Photos of The Bloody Beetroots at Warsaw in Brooklyn

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn jump 2

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn 8

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn 6

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn 7

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn 11

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn Jump

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn black and white 3

The Bloody Beetroots Brooklyn black and white

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