Future Bass | The Gifted – Purity feat. Kossisko (WOSP Remix)

“I just wanted to make a track that me and my lady could roller-skate to.” – The Gifted

“I really liked the r&b vibe of the vocal so I decided to transform the track into a smooth melodic remix with heavy bass, uplifting jazzy chords, and big drums. I was listening to a lot of future bass at the time I was working on this, so it naturally turned out that way and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.” -WOSP

We thought these were some appropriate quotes from the two artists that combined to make this R&B style future bass track. With beautiful, soothing vocals from Kossisko, the artist explains what the song means to him: “I wanted to make a song about the double standard between men and women when it comes to promiscuity and fidelity.”

A fantastic r

emix to the original.

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