Landfill Harmonic Follows a Youth Music Group from the Slums

The group consists of Paraguayan kids who were talented enough to come together even through the testing environment of South American slums. The kids in the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura began in their neighborhood landfill where the unlikely collective started to play music from instruments they created out of garbage.

The story of the orchestra went viral and the news of their humble beginnings was thrown into the limelight. Naturally, the film follows them through this progression which gives viewers a storyline of success to tag onto throughout.

Their music director led the young group through their experiences on bigger stages. The orchestra began to perform in front of sold out venues and road trips, the road that weighs on every touring artist.

It’s amazing that the musical group has reached these levels of stardom from such a drug-ridden home in South America, in a town that falls victim to both poverty issues as well as occasional natural disasters.

Local musician, Favio Chavez, partnered with a local garbage man named “Cola” to begin this initiative. The two saw that there wasn’t money in place for real instruments but they knew that music would be the ultimate positive outlet for the town’s youth.

The film shines light on the power of music and how it can lead the human spirit away from despair when there is true passion involved.

Landfillharmonic, the feature film, follows a very interesting story from an unexpecting musical group going by the name of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura.




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