Through Juniper Vale – Everything has Changed

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FRIENDS. I’M SO EXCITED. I found the next blockbuster song to be paired with a blockbuster movie. I’m serious; this new song by Through Juniper Vale, Everything Has Changed is the cool fantasy soundtrack we all need. With their first single of 2018, Through Juniper Vale has come bursting through the dreary weather of February and March (so far) with a unique jam that compiles genres in ways that are unimaginable. Seriously, who would have thought of creating a Folk Banjo/EDM hybrid? Not me, and probably not you either. Composed of Sarah Jane Wood and Hein Zaayman, Through Juniper Vale is one of many musical groups based out of Nashville that are sick of the music status-quo.

The title of the song makes me immediately think of Taylor Swift’s and Ed Sheeran’s song from like two years ago. Before you immediately stop reading, let me tell you; it is nothing like that AT ALL. Not that there’s anything wrong with that song! But it’s certainly not this one, and this one deserves immediate recognition. Through Juniper Vale’s Everything Has Changed is one of the coolest and most unique songs I have ever heard. The first 15 seconds indicate that thing song is about to be something else. Vocals sound haunted paired with dystopian-esque lyrics that echo “what if I jump off the edge and give into the great unknown / I can’t find sense in my reasons to stay.” There are bits of early 2000s rock vibes that makes me think of Evanescence and bits of theatrics and pop undertones that remind me of Panic! At the Disco.

Get your ears ready, though, ladies and gents. There’s way more awesome stuff about Everything Has Changed besides the above mentioned pop culture influences. My favorite thing about this song is the layers of different musical influence. The combination of folk music and EDM is what makes this song stand out. Everything Has Changed takes note from other groups also bored with standard musical genre pairings. Perhaps some of the EDM community is at a turning point. Artists are drawing on a wide array of instruments to add some pizazz to their EDM inspired music. There are quite a few emerging artists transitioning from brass instruments and jazz-inspired sounds (good looks, Griz and Gramatik) to integrate more string instruments and a folky sound. The banjo is such a funky and versatile instrument. In Everything Has Changed, it represents itself well, touching on all the different tones it can dispel and all of the genres it can adapt to. The chorus soars over the rest of the song, and what I’m assuming are Sarah Jane’s vocals are crisp and clear, emphasizing her story and evolution.

Juniper Vale takes us on a cool journey throughout Everything Has Changed. Lyrically, the song discusses growth, evolution and ones changing perception of the world. The song does a beautiful job at narrating lyrically and musically; you can hear the how the song shifts with the lyrics: “my fear of the dark it finally fades / everything is color now but everything has changed / I’m always chasing rainbows.” We hear ya, Through Juniper Vale, and we’ll be right there with ya waiting to hear what you discover about the world on the next track (which I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT).


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