Saturdays with Steve: TLNTD | Fall ft. Kiyah Mitchell


This track is a refreshing response to contemporary trap, Nu-R&B, and mumble core. While the beginning is reminiscent of the Weeknd, some beat alterations and dynamic changes give us something new. It’s a unique style, with some great-sounding vocals/verses to justify its aberrations. The balance between smooth urban vocals and slight edge gives way to a gratifying listening experience. The lyrical content and song length are a drawback, however.

“Look at me, look at me/Look how far I’ve come/I stopped getting high/but I still smoke sometimes/That still counts right/I only lie(?) to my mother when my head’s above water…”

The lyrics have a juvenile quality to them. I imagine a 15 year-old typing this into his smartphone and considering it inspiring. TLNTD is around 26, however. His website has the following definition splayed across the top of his bio:

” Artist [ahr-tist]: a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill whose work is of the performing arts.”

It goes on to read how his quest to “share his music with the world” was very important and filled with art inspiration.

The sound and quality of the music/beat is great, I would not consider this art or poetry though.

The music is what it is, fun and entertaining. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as Kendrick Lamar states: “Be humble.”


Fun and entertaining, could’ve been longer.


Ranger rovers, vodka, sexy time in the bedroom, herb, flashy blue lights, really nice headphones.


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Steve Inganamort is a proud husband, dog daddy, writer, licensed music therapist, world traveler, reader, sports enthusiast, zen practitioner, publisher, guitarist, saxophonist, hiker, backpacker, tequila taster, former foodservice worker, Binghamton University graduate, ASU graduate, New York native, Phoenix transplant, beer taster, whale watcher, comedy fan, music critic, and environmentalist. He holds a dual Bachelor's degree in music and psychology, and also a Master's degree in music/clinical music therapy. He is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC). Steve Inganamort holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Universal Life Church. Steve has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 2011.

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