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 With Crystal Clear Coverage of Ultra 2017 and the W.M.C. in MIAMI……  rBeatZRAdio.com Brings you Deep, Hard, Dirty, TRaXXZ  by @SouthAfrican born D.J.  KYLE WATSON 
Jazzy, Jackin’, Funked up CHOONZ is how to describe Kyle Watson. This is one kid to keep an eye on! Being brought up around music, Kyle took piano lessons for 8 solid years while studying music at school. In 2006 Kyle began producing with Reason for fun little did he know what lied ahead as he continued to produce, he continued to develop his own musical style. 
In early 2007 Influencial South African Trance Dj James G convinced Kyle to break into his local EDM Industry in South Africa. It was in march of ’07 Kyle saw his first record deal. 
In his short career, Kyle has already seen a hit in the Beatport Top 100 with his take on Tom Eq’s – Skewer, which rose to the top 20. His remix of Terrance Dizkos – Be Alright soared to number 6 on DjDownload’s Tech house chart and his Original work ‘Doubting You’ also sold at number 13 on the Beatport Charts. 
In 2008 Kyle was given the chance to add his own touch to the classic tune ‘It’s a fine day’ where it climbed the DMC Buzz chart to number 1 within a week. Kyle has a bright future in front of him, expect big things!




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