UNO Stereo – Keep Up (Featuring Mari and Majerle)

Stay up to date with the R&B Hip-Hop/Soul stylings of UNO Stereo. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Nic Martin, a.k.a. UNO Stereo, has a roster of remixes of today’s R&B heavyweights and yesteryear’s icons. Landing multiple productions from Khaled to 360 and Illy, UNO has the finesse and savvy to establish himself as a top up-and-coming contender in urban music.

His latest single Keep Up, featuring Mari  and Marjele, is that honey-sweet summer block party track made to cool down the humidity of July 2017. This is the one to bump in the Range Rover, the one you share with your R&B obsessed comrades and the one you can’t help but strut to. That’s because UNO Stereo’s recipe for production doesn’t have a single flaw. His 808’s, trumpet samples, and vocoding will have you two-stepping with a grin on your face no bad news could wipe off.

Let’s talk about it! Keep Up is the type of song that stays true to that early 2000s neo-soul robust, along with the 2010s electronic leading ingredients that we have all grown to love. Layered vocals are always an ear-catching pleasure of mine and Majerle does it with pure efficiency. The fellow Australian crooner has a knack for production as well. A bundle of electronic beats that shine in reverence monopolize his Soundcloud.

This is not the first time the two have conjured a wondrous creation. Their 2016 treat, Got U, was one for the lovers and suitors of R&B. It’s clear to say Majerle and UNO Stereo are one clear-cut musical pairing. This time around, Mari, the rapping producer by way of Chicago and New York, adds his cool and keen hip-hop vigilance. Although fairly new to the scene, his crisp and classic lyrical flow has gained in recognition and applause. The collaboration of these three musical cadets has a promising and captivating payoff that charms the soul.

Check out Keep UP below!



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