Velvet Winter – Crystal Heart

Velvet Winter Crystal Heart

Velvet Winter is LA-transplant and singer-songwriter Talon Major’s stage moniker.  Originally from Colorado, Majors escaped the cool clean mountain landscape to pave the way for her career as a pop singer.

Her vocals evoke insular sounds of jazz and blues with indie rock/pop elements.  Intently unique as well as soothing and compelling, Major has been through a lot in order to connect with her sound.  “I battled drinking and anxiety meds for years.  I guess I have the classic ‘artist with a broken past thing’ working for me!”

In what she hopes to do with her music, Major says, “I hope to connect with people with troubled pasts whether its drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual orientation and others.  My heart goes out to people with depression PTSD and other illnesses that you can’t see on the surface.”

The first single to her 3 song EP that was recorded in 2015 after a nearly fatal health scare, in which she recorded with producer Doug Green, is due out in March.

The single, “Crystal Heart,” opens up in a beautiful seascape setting.  The beachy arena is bathed in electric guitar riffs and a great indie-rock and pop vibe.  You can really let the rock tunes soak in, as the unique, blues-hazed vocals and inviting vibe from the overcast day at the beach hints at something darker.  Symbolism in the video has signs of sorcery and magic, as all this paves off the mysterious landscape in which the music video is depicted.  Major wakes up on the beach as if what had happened had all been an engrossing dream.

Velvet Winter’s new single, “Crystal Heart,” is soaked with invigorating layers of electronic beats and blues enhanced harmonies along with sultry vocals that vibrate with an all-encompassing pop sensibility.  Enthralling, as well as, captivating, her troubled past has helped her create a relevant platform between her music and listeners who share the same experiences.


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