Vincent Liou – Hor Durves

Vincent Liou

To 26-year old Vincent Liou, music-making is partial to his survival.

He started playing piano at a young age and eventually took up the bass guitar and clarinet.  Liou sung and played his own songs for his solo endeavor, Moon & Sun (2010), after playing synth for a local AZ band (Crash Coordinates).  He decided that he would venture into his own material, writing and producing his own songs.

As he went on to gain his independence, moving and living outside his parent’s house for the first time, he had to adjust to the cold in Massachusetts where he went to grad school and meeting new people.  Writing songs became a source of companionship and a mode toward his acceptance.

“Hor Durves” is a great indie-pop track to listen to.  Ethereal synths capture some of the more upbeat sensibilities portrayed in this song.  Liou’s vocals are blithe, yet does not deter from giving the track its emotional emphasis.  The song is a bit on the light-hearted side with great drumming rhythms running underneath the gamut of the track.  With a catchy and infectious tune, Liou’s song similarly follows in the magical footsteps of such synth pop rock groups like Owl City and Metro Station.

Orchestrated to synth pop heaven, “Hor Durves” definitely gives off a cathartic release.  With a contagious powerhouse pop/rock sound that permeates the entirety of your listen, this is music that will pump through your sound system and into your veins, making you feel that much more alive!


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