Washed Out – Burn Out Blues

washed out burn out blues

When you want an artist to appreciate, think of the vintage electronic freedom wonder Washed Out. Ernest Greene, the Georgian goober-grabber, takes you on a cruise into the idle hours with his spacey, peaceful, and laid back track, Burn Out Blues. An audible high that lifts your feet off the ground, raises your senses and elevates your spirit to a higher conscious dimension. A psychedelic air with a way-out bass line that can swoon the likes of any blonde beach bunny. Along with lyrics of clemency, Burn Out Blues‘ trippy video will have you feeling like you just ate a bag of stems on an empty stomach.

Imagine Hip-Hop roused vocal samples nestled in with a scent and tone of The Beatles’ Revolver album. Now if you have any good taste in music that has to spark your interest. Released June 3oth, the new visual album Mister Mellow (Stones Throw Records) is comprised of abstract graphics marrying free falling compositions that warm the PBS kid in you that we’ve all long forgotten. Signed Test Press copies of Mister Mellow have been sold out and left the late comers kicking themselves. 1 LP black vinyl with white label was strictly limited to 120 copies so there was no chance they were going to last. Touring this summer and kicking off on August 11 in Houston TX, Washed Out brings his Mister Mellow universe to our cities.

Located outside of Athens, Georgia to a rural area, Ernest engulfs himself in making music. If he chooses isolation to make the music he does then let us keep him out there! It makes you ponder, what is Ernest smoking when he makes these perfectly put together indie electronic gemstones. Two EPs, three albums and Washed Out is just at the tip of the ice berg of what is expected to be a noteworthy career. None the less Burn Out Blues and Mister Mellow are an artistic recommendation for the righteous tokers.

Take a listen to Burn Out Blues below!

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