weslee – Boy Like You

weslee boy like you

Weslee has a lot to live up to after hitting #1 on the BBC charts on their first single release. The duo from England have released two tracks in the last month, both of which I love for their unique vibe. One of the tracks is a stripped version of their original single, Bathwaterwhich essentially means there are less instruments and more room for the vocals to shine.

Boy Like You keeps a consistent vibe on the vocals with a trap like percussive narrative that drives the storytelling. The vocals are melancholic and the washed 80s arpeggiated synths give the song a dreamy vibe. The song is great for easy listening if you like indie music. The heaviest instrument section comes in the percussion elements, which I think give the entire project a unique vibe, combining electro-trap elements with more of an indie vibe.

Bathwater creates another dreamscape with big vocals, a wide ambiance with serene piano chords and distant guitar melodies. The percussion elements are fairly hard hitting, giving more power behind the already soulful vocals.

Bathwater (Stripped) has a similar vibe in the stripped version. The drums are filtered behind dreamy indie vocals with a good amount of soul in the tone. The percussion arrangement stays fairly consistent. What impressed me was the choir vocal production, creating a big space for the vocals to sound like they were recorded in a big, open church. Another easy listening song

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