Weslee – Gassed

Weslee Gassed

Gassed, in pop culture connotation, typically refers to eliciting some type of inherent superiority to others. That being said, the yearning and desperation in Weslee‘s voice is the total antithesis of that – she aches to get away, pleading for change. The melodic synths and 8 bit drums tie together so lovely with Weslee’s gorgeous, awe inspiring vocals – compelling unconditional hypnosis. Some listeners may gripe that there is no “drop,” as the suspense builds and builds, only to fall back into the beautiful vast openness of the unknown melancholic soundscape.

This emotional powerhouse of a track is a voyage, forcing introspection and reflection along the way. Will your journey lead back home? Do you stay the course, cork the wagon, and forge the river? Will you float? Next time I find myself in any kind of weird, unsure headspace, I know what I’ll have on bump.

There is very little information available online regarding UK based Weslee’s background, leading to added mystique and fascination. Really looking forward to hearing what comes next.

Also, listen to Weslee live on BBC, discuss his emergence into the #1 spot. Fairly entertaining to hear the new artist discuss his quick rise to fame.






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