Whethan – Aftertaste (Feat. Opia)

Whethan has released his newest single, Aftertaste, featuring Opia. The song has an electronic pop-rock vibe to it with a powerful indie vocals arrangement from Connecticut-based Opia. The percussion arrangement leads to the power behind the song, with a strong kick drum hitting the listener in the face. Underneath the strong kick is a real guitar sound with the perfect amount of reverb. The chorus is built up nicely with some soulful pianos and bells, leading up to the powerful drop that combines distorted bass, a strong percussion arrangement, and funky guitar samples.

What drew me to this song was the eclectic use of genres. The song has elements of pop, rock, indie, trap, and electronic, making this song unique in its vibe.

Whethan has made his name from amazing collaborations with Charli XCXMascoloElohim, and Oliver Tree. Next year, he’ll be touring with Louis The Child in Europe. Check out the tour dates below. Ethan Snoreck aka Whethan is from Chicago, where he attended Carl Sandburg High School. He graduated this year, and had to take a break from touring with the Chainsmokers to attend his graduation.

Whethan released a record on Australian EDM label, Future Classic, when he was 16 years old. He was the youngest person to release a song off that popular label.

Opia are best known for their collaborations with Louis The Child and Ekali. They consist of three memebers: Cole Citrenbaum (vocals/guitar), DJ Stanfill (vocals/keys), and colorthought (producer). The band formed while attending Yale University in 2016.

Louis The Child Tour

Chris Stack

After graduating from Kenyon College, Chris Stack joined a branding and marketing startup, BrandYourself (as seen on SharkTank), in New York City. After leading the company to grow past profitability as a leading account manager, Chris set his sights on his passion: music. He currently runs his own LLC in New York City, helping musicians in the city with their online presence and marketability. A native of the Washington DC area, Chris Stack's passions and hobbies include music production (8 years on Ableton), marketing, baseball (Mets), football (Ravens), Netflix n chillin, and the experience economy.

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