Danish duo WIINSTON, have stepped into the scene with their titillating future R&B. It was a first try shot right in the basket for the pair and rBeatz has to comment.

Alfred Thomas and Daniel Wagtmann have kicked off their summer in the best way possible, by debuting their fine as wine ravish R&B music. All the way from Copenhagen Denmark these two have been friends for over five years while working behind the scenes in music. It became time to turn what they had waiting behind the curtains into a full fled presentation, and you have to say… its clutch. Natural gifted songwriters and producers, Alfred and Daniel joined forces and got to work quickly and efficiently. That commitment is a testament to the real serious talent this generation of musicians have. WIINSTON would only write music if they could be themselves completely. When you take full control of your artistry you end up with a final product that is genuine. The good thing with WIINSTON is, they make genuine music but with taste too. These two are artists you can quickly say you’re a fan of.

If you were to write a song, you would hope it comes out as good as Canada did. Canada the first single from the pair is a Danish delight and the exact song you would want to play as you drive up Highway 1 from Venice towards Malibu. All while going to Canada, of course. WIINSTON is the music you want to share with your friends. The music you would want to add to your “420” playlist and your “entertaining guests playlist”.  This past April 27th WIINSTON released their transcendent video to Canada. The concept had an editorial approach that pulls you in by the models captivating gaze. They have the sound the emotion and the style which is why they have executed so well.

Mio, their second and latest single has this sexy and dark Avenue vibe, that the Weeknd would want to drive a flashy car down. “Mio mio, rico rico” has to be the most glue like hold that occupies your mind all day and night. And you cant even be mad at it. When you make a catchy hook its always that simple yet effective line that does its job and Mio is doing its job. Modest and demure portraits with a bravery in their allure. Alfred and Daniel have been grabbing the attention of enticed music lovers, it makes you wonder what else does WIINSTON have up their sleeve. Spotify success in multiple countries, two singles out with two hot videos and labels are getting interested. It’s more than likely we will be hearing more from these men which leave the question, when is the EP?

Listen to Canda and Mio below.


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