Wine and Dine with these 10 New Songs

good songs to drink wine to 2017

It’s National Wine Day in the United States, a celebration of the international commodity made from fermented grapes (mostly). What makes wine alcoholic is the yeast that consumes the sugars in the grapes and coverts it to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Different types of grapes and yeast strains make different styles of wines. These variations result from the complex interactions between the biochemical development of the grape, the reactions involved in fermentation, the terroir, and the production process.

Wine has been around for thousands of years, tracing back to 7000 BC in China and eventually reaching the Balkans in 4500 BC, where the Greeks and Romans used the product for celebratory purposes.

Looking at how international whine has become, we have 9 countries represented in these 10 new songs we thing would pair nicely with a glass of wine. Sit back, relax, pour up, and listen.


Emmit Fenn – Woman

Emmit Fenn’s production value makes me want to cry because it’s so beautiful. The phrasing on the vocals and melancholy drums & instrumentation are laid out so well. The harmony is just MUAH! NoMBe did the guitar on this. The genre on this has an R&B flare to it – you can hear the emotions coming strong from Emmit’s vocals.

Madou – Nowhere Else

Here’s another sultry smooth vocal production, Nowhere Else from Belgium producers Modou, released this weekend on Skrillex’s NEST HQ label. Skrillex backed artists are pioneers in the dynamic percussions and low end play. Notice the subtle drum arrangement changes and glitchy feel. The vocals are the main focus, but everything else takes this track to the next level.

Novo Amor – Carry You

A minimalist ambiance of orchestral soundscapes and a glittering guitar create a delicate harmony with the vocals on Novo Amor’s new single, Carry You. This is a single off of the producer from Wales’s upcoming Bathing Beach EP, coming out tomorrow. The song is an ode to nostalgia and the memories we can’t get back. Absolutely stunning.

Bergfilm – Nostalgic Love

Another unique music video; however, this one is celebrating love. Perfect for a wine post! This is another music video that’s a bit like a story. A beautiful story told by instruments and video about elderly love and nostalgic emotions. Bergfilm is a German electro-pop band.

Joey Negro – Prove That You’re Feelin’ Me feat. Diane Charlemagne

We’re changing the vibe a bit to liven up the ambiance. You might have finished your first glass, so we’re kicking up the BPMs. Funky smooth and delicious. British DJ, Joey Negro, teams us with British soul singer, Diane Charlemagne, to take us back to the early 70s with this one. Nothing like a mix of jazz and wine to get those weekend vibes going.

Sylvia Erla – Gone

Iceland stand up! The 21 year old singer from Seltjarnarnes, Iceland is moving up the charts fast, and I’m addicted to that pop-sax sound. This song is super hype, and we love seeing artists from countries not known for music really take stride like this.

SAINT WKND – Make You Mine Ft. Boy Matthews (Flapo Remix)

Producer and DJ from Colombia, Flapo is really making some noise on the scene. SAINT WKND recently released a slew of remixes to his single, Make You Mine, featuring vocals from Boy Matthews, and this Flapo remix is our favorite. It’s a chill electronic house track with reggae backing for the chorus – if that’s even possible! Nice, easy, and relaxing – just like wine.

Chris Ayer – Stay Another Night

I don’t know why people say they don’t like pop music. There’s a reason it’s called pop music. I’ve been a fan of mainstream music because it’s easy to listen to, and I sometimes want that. I wouldn’t flinch if i heard this on a pop radio station. Chris Ayer has a soothing and comforting tone to his voice that really pull me in on the hook of this track. Phrasing, arrangement, and syntax – check, check, check. I feel uplifted after listening to this song. Kind of like how I feel after a glass of wine.

Mike Candys – I Keep Going

I’m going to keep going with this pop trend, except switch to a more electro-house vibe. Horns in electro-house music get me every time. Mike Candys is a producer/DJ from Zurich, Switzerland and he looks like a pretty happy guy from his photos. I’m going to trust his fans feel the same way at his shows from the uplifting nature of his new single.

Yoko-Zuna (feat. Heavy & Randa) – Yes

Yoko-Zuna is a band from New Zealand, and I was immediately hooked by the story of the song. Each verse has a different character and unique doesn’t even begin to describe this one. I was entranced by the whole music video.


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