Wolfy – Solid Gold

Wolfy is 24-year-old Madison Scheckel, a Los Angeles-based artist who loves writing and producing songs.  She previously wrote and produced an EP starring all her friends that comprises of tracks that range from tape-y, garage rock to folk.

Solid Gold is the first single from the EP that premiered on Billboard, featuring Ren Farren and Katie Skene.

Solid Gold is a hypnotizing, highly engrossing and intriguing track that is filled with rhythmic guitars and great vocal harmonies.  A marriage of garage rock, some funk, and a bit of psychedelic, this glitchy song possesses a dream-like, haunting quality.  This retro-fun single contains a free-spirited guitar solo towards the end performed by Devon Eisenbarger.

A fun fact about the guitar solo: Wolfy says, “I wanted a guitar solo at the end of the song, and when you want something amazing, the best person to call is Devon Eishenbarger, a former classmate and a winner of the Nicest Person in the World award 26 years running.  She’s also got the most incredible stage presence, so it’s no surprise that she’s now on tour with Katy Perry, who is honestly LUCKY to have her.”


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