Zhu’s New EP, stardustexhalemarrakechdreams, is a Sinister Cinematic Journey

ZHU chasing marrakech

Last week, the mysterious Zhu released his new EP, entitled stardustexhalemarrakechdreams. We’ve featured Chasing Marrakech on rBeatzRadio this week.

His storytelling game is one of my favorites in electronic music these days. His vibe throughout his entire career has been dark and mysterious, and this EP doesn’t stray far from that. Even within Zhu’s unique vibe, he’s found a way to become unique upon himself.

The sequence of four songs has the unique characteristics of a sinister journey. The first song, Stardust, seems to be a take on our existence as specks of dust: putting us the mindset of relative self-worth and importance, encouraging us toward adventure, mystery, and the unknown.

After putting us in the mindset, the next song is Exhale. This sounds like the song revving up to the adventure. With a brass- heavy melody and go-getter rhythm, this song moves fast. “Breath in, and breath out.” The song is going toward the adventure, making sure that the listener is preparing for what’s to come next: the anxiety and fast-pace sensation of getting ready to do something amazing and extraordinary.

Chasing Marrakech has a more confident vibe to it. It has an exotic feel through the cascading harp and orchestral ambiance. The lyrics are a back and forth between a male and female. A story of eloping and love? It’s certainly a different vibe, but it still keeps similar electronic elements that make us feel comfortable. This song is gaining a lot of popularity on rBeatzRadio this week.

The last song with Nero, Dreams, has a cinematic buildup to what sounds to be an action scene. There is certainly an evil- sounding tone to this, making me wonder if the adventure turns dark at this point. There is an element of fight and continuing forward.

The album art is an entrance to some unknown desert land, giving an adventurous sentiment of the unknown and uncertainty.

Chris Stack

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