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Canaan Cox — His Story and Recent Releases

If you like country music with a modern pop sensibility, you should pay attention to the name Canaan Cox. This emerging artist has taken America by storm over recent years, combining the best of contemporary country with powerful R’n’B and pop vibes. A “triple threat,” this highly talented musician is also a successful actor and dancer. Whether it’s writing music in the studio or performing on stage to fans, Cox and his big voice have so much to share.

Let’s take a long look at Canaan Cox, including his early history, career breakthrough, and music releases.

The early years

Born on November 20, 1989, Canaan Cox hails from Henderson, North Carolina. He enjoyed a happy childhood, which he spent with his loving mom, dad, and seven sisters. Cox’s talents were noticed at an early age, thanks in part to growing up in a musical household. Amid the background noise of a happy home, Cox immersed himself in music from all generations and genres.

His mother was a professional musician who toured across the Southeast with her band, and his father blasted Conway Twitty and other country classics on the family stereo. Cox’s sisters also played a role in his musical upbringing, with pop and R’n’B records on constant rotation around the house. With Southern classics combined with a healthy dose of modern pop, Canaan Cox had the perfect foundations for a music career.

Cox remembers listening to country, bluegrass, and artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd as a kid. When he was old enough to hit the mall, however, the first CD he bought was by Michael Jackson. He’s always had a love for pop music, and some of his favorite all-time artists are Hanson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston.

According to Cox, “I was kind of surrounded by music. My mom and dad, they both play and write… My grandma played piano in church and I would always sing, and my degree is in musical theater… I grew up in country music and in the Carolinas and in the mountains, I don’t think you ever get over that being in your roots.”

Inspired by his family and the music that surrounded him, Cox went on to study Musical Theater at Catawba College. He earned his BFA, which broadened his horizons and gave him a unique musical perspective. After college, he worked on cruise ships and at theme parks, singing, acting, and dreaming about moving to Nashville.

“I met a very, very famous person’s manager on one of the cruise ships.” said Cox, adding “We became friends and he was like my only advice to you right now is, ‘you gotta move to Nashville’… That always stuck with me.”

The breakthrough

Cox moved to Nashville in the fall of 2016. He began playing small shows at downtown bars on Broadway, meeting new people and forging connections to kickstart his musical career. Now residing in the country music capital of the world, Cox was ready to make music his life. He already had lots of material, having written many songs while studying for his musical theater degree.

Now immersed in Music City, Cox started doing shows and recording some of his great tunes. He met radio and TV personality Bobby Bones by chance in 2021 and was invited to appear on his show. This single opportunity gave Cox access to 9.2 million listeners, and his career was now in full swing. More people were listening to Cox’s great tunes, and he received lots of support from listeners and industry heavyweights.

His song “As You Leave” was released in January 2022, and it was spotlighted on the Country Top 30. This led to critical acclaim and a phenomenal year of streaming, including marquee Spotify playlists such as New Boots, Wild Country, Breakout Country, and Next from Nashville. Cox was also highlighted on Apple’s New in Country and Amazon’s Breakthrough Country playlist, which gave him access to listeners around America and across the world.

Music releases

Canaan Cox has released lots of great music since 2018, including dozens of singles and three EPs. The Stilettos EP came out to great acclaim in 2020, and the End Up In A Song EP from 2022 featured the well-received single of the same name. This song highlights Cox’s unique craft as a songwriter, with his blend of authentic country and modern pop shining through with every beat. The latest EP by Cox is self-titled, and it includes the tracks “As You Leave,” “J.O.Y.,” and “Wish.”

Canaan Cox keeps releasing music to a growing hoard of fans, including the following two singles from late 2023:

‘Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep’

This song starts with an intense dialogue about dreams, with Cox showing off his acting skills before the beat drops. “Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep” is a catchy song about broken relationships and visions beyond our control. This track is undeniably pop, with its infectious verses and driving chorus highlighting Cox’s great lyrics and fantastic vocal delivery.

No, I don’t wanna fall asleep
‘Cause lately you’ve been haunting all my dreams
It’s a nightmare in my head, I still see you in this bed
Yeah, you’ve been haunting all my dreams

‘Lost and Found’

This song showcases the gentle side of Canaan Cox. With rustic Southern vibes merged with crystal clear production, “Lost and Found” truly is the best of both worlds. This song is perfectly paced, with Cox delivering sweet vocals and thoughtful lyrics as the music swirls around and through him.

Finally found the freedom
To get my life on track
Who knew holding on to you was holding me back?

If you like your country music infused with pop vibes, Canaan Cox is your man. With his voice that’s to die for and musical talent in spades, we can expect more great things from this exciting artist in the years ahead.

Streaming now on 25/8/366 Global Radio at

Where to find Canaan Cox

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